Groups Process and Practice, 8th Edition by Marianne Schneider Corey

Groups Process and Practice, 8th Edition

Book Title: Groups Process and Practice, 8th Edition

Publisher: Brooks/Cole

ISBN: 0495600768

Author: Marianne Schneider Corey

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Marianne Schneider Corey with Groups Process and Practice, 8th Edition

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This book is intended for graduate and undergraduate students majoring in counseling, social work, counseling psychology, and human services who are taking courses in group work. (According to a recent e-survey of 102 faculty members teaching this course, the split between undergraduate and graduate courses is 46% undergraduate, 51% graduate, and 1% Ph.D.) It is designed as a primary textbook and is comprehensive in scope. It is also a practical manual for practitioners involved in leading groups. Others who may find this book useful are rehabilitation counselors, teachers, pastoral counselors, correctional counselors, and marriage and family therapists. Courses that most often adopt the book include: Group Counseling, Group Process, Group Procedures, Group Techniques, Practicum in Group Counseling, Groups: Process and Practice.